Dutch Umbrella Company maximises your net pay when working in the Netherlands

Dutch Umbrella Company maximises your net pay when working in the Netherlands


Did you find your dream job in the Netherlands and are you planning to migrate to this great country, or did you recently move here? Congratulations, Dutch Umbrella Company is happy to guide you. Whether you are planning to move to the Netherlands for work or already live here, making sure you get the most out of your gross salary is vital. Dutch Umbrella Company specialises in maximising your finances while working in the Netherlands.

Calculate your net pay in no time

Working and living in the Netherlands, you abide by Dutch tax legislation. This means that you must pay income tax on your gross income, together with a number of premiums for national insurance, e.g. employer premiums and social premiums.

I want to know my net pay in the Netherlands

Why is it important to know your net pay?

Your net payment is the amount of money that you will receive on your bank account. If you know your net salary, you know your disposable income and this will make budgeting your costs of living, savings etc. easier.

The Dutch income tax calculator, developed by Dutch Umbrella Company, provides you with a view of your net salary, based on your personal details. Because every assignment and every expat is unique, the outcomes of the tax calculator are bespoke.

All expenses can be included in the Dutch Income Tax Calculator. This tool can be of significant benefit to aspiring migrants because Dutch tax legislation is complex.

Exceptional benefits for expats and contractors – meet the 30% ruling

Expats with a fixed daily or hourly rate receive more net pay if they benefit from the Dutch 30% ruling. This ruling ensures that you only have to pay income tax over 70 percent of your gross salary, which means that your net pay is much higher. However, meeting the requirements for this ruling might be difficult. That’s why Dutch Umbrella Company can assist you with the application procedure.

30% ruling criteria

The following criteria must be met in order to benefit from the 30% ruling:

  • You are employed in the Netherlands
  • You have been recruited or transferred from abroad
  • You must have a valid work permit
  • Your employer must prove that the specific skills you bring to the role cannot be found in the Dutch labour market

Besides the 30% ruling and criteria, Dutch Umbrella Company helps expats and contractors with other important tasks, prior to starting their Dutch dream job.

What other services can Dutch Umbrella Company offer to expats?

Dutch Umbrella Company can assist you with:

  • Work permits
  • Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • Dutch IBAN
  • Health insurance
  • Public Register Recognised Sponsors
  • Income requirement

For more information, contact Dutch Umbrella Company via:

  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Tel: +31 20 820 15 60 (NL), +44 8708200429 (UK) , +1 31 248 98417 (US)

Dutch Umbrella Company is a trade name of WePayPeople B.V.



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