Dutch Umbrella Company: Find out what your net salary will be

Dutch Umbrella Company: Find out what your net salary will be


Thinking of moving to the Netherlands and need help negotiating a favourable employment contract? The Dutch Umbrella Company can give you the best indication of your net pay.

Negotiate the salary that will allow you to adjust to the cost of living abroad so that you can calmly prepare for your international assignment. Life overseas can be full of surprises, including your finances. You need to make sure that your salary package is enough to maintain your standard of living.

Net Salary

Look at your current net salary in the currency of the country where you live now. Before you agree to a salary from a company at an overseas location, compare the amount to what it will be worth in the country you are considering. Once you have a side-by-side comparison, you will be able to determine the minimum take-home pay you will need to maintain your current living standards.

Cost of living comparison

Before you move to the Netherlands, make sure you make a cost of living comparison to understand the differences between your current situation and the new adventure. Also, make sure you understand exactly what expenses will be handled by your company and which expenses are your responsibility.

The 30% ruling will ensure you take home more net pay

Improve your net salary with exceptional benefits for expats: The 30% ruling

As a contractor with a fixed daily / hourly rate, you will receive more net pay if you benefit from the 30% ruling. The 30% ruling ensures you only have to pay income tax over 70% of your gross salary. Dutch Umbrella Company knows exactly how to make the most of this ruling.

A number of criteria must be met in order to qualify for the 30% ruling:

  • You are employed in the Netherlands
  • You have been recruited or transferred from abroad 
  • Your employer must demonstrate that the specific skills you bring to the role cannot be found in the Dutch labour market
  • You must have a valid work permit

Advantages of working with the Dutch Umbrella Company

The Dutch Umbrella Company is a partner of the Amsterdam Expat Centre and, as such, a trusted partner representing the interests of expats and highly skilled migrants. They are also fully up to date on current regulations and legislation, and recognised by the IND as a sponsor, meaning they can provide umbrella services for you, including payroll.

Being a financial services provider, the Dutch Umbrella Company ensures you fully benefit from the 30% ruling. In addition to financial services, the Dutch Umbrella Company offers advice regarding residence and work permits. Many highly skilled migrants and their employers choose to work with the Dutch Umbrella Company to ensure procedures are completed fast and correctly.

Dutch Umbrella Company is your partner for:

  • Contracting
  • Expat payroll
  • Staffing
  • Immigration procedures & support
  • Labour and residency legislation
  • Insurance & pension

For more information contact Dutch Umbrella Company:

Dutch Umbrella Company is a trade name of WePayPeople N.V.



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