From zero to hero: Conquer your fear of water with Aqua Hero

From zero to hero: Conquer your fear of water with Aqua Hero


Are you an expat in Amsterdam seeking to conquer your fears and master the art of swimming? Aqua Hero is your ideal swimming school, specialising in adult education with a focus on confidence-building, personal growth and overcoming water-related anxieties. 

Located in strategic areas around Amsterdam including Zuid-Oost / Diemen, Centrum and Noord, Aqua Hero offers a transformative experience that goes beyond just learning strokes. Book your first try-out lesson today!

Why choose Aqua Hero?

Here are some reasons why Aqua Hero should be your first choice for your swimming journey:

Expert instructors 

The instructors are not just teachers, they are experienced professional swimmers who have competed themselves. They excel not only in enhancing skills for advanced swimmers but also in transforming complete beginners, particularly those dealing with significant fear, anxiety or past traumatic experiences in water.

Small group sizes 

Aqua Hero wants to ensure personalised attention by limiting class sizes. Each instructor works with a maximum of five students, ensuring that everyone receives the guidance necessary for a clear understanding of the lessons. This focused approach not only facilitates effective learning but also fosters a supportive community among learners.

Group class at Aqua Hero swimming school in Amsterdam

Holistic learning approach 

At Aqua Hero, they believe in a holistic approach to swimming. Beyond physical techniques, the lessons emphasise psychological comfort and enjoyment in the water, equipping you with the confidence and skills to swim safely and joyfully. This approach will help you in your daily life, by embracing a strong mindset alongside healthy values and beliefs.

Flexible scheduling and locations

The swimming school has a high understanding of the diverse needs of Amsterdam's international community. That’s why Aqua Hero offers flexible class schedules across multiple convenient locations, usually during evenings when office working hours are over and the children are already home from school. No matter where you are in the city, you can find a class that fits your schedule.

Enhanced learning with video support

Every swimmer at Aqua Hero receives personalised video footage of their current skills and achievements. This invaluable tool helps you visualise your progress and refine your techniques. Moreover, all customers have access to a comprehensive free video library where the whole method is explained step by step. This allows you to watch, study and learn at your convenience, ensuring you are well-prepared for your in-water lessons.

Discounted trial class at Aqua Hero

Cultural sensitivity, inclusivity and personalised community connection 

At Aqua Hero, they pride themselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Their culturally sensitive programmes cater to both the diverse expat community and local Dutch residents. Beyond teaching swimming techniques, they build a nurturing community where each member is known by name and direct access to coaches is always available. 

They actively engage with students to tailor content that meets their evolving needs, ensuring each lesson at Aqua Hero enriches their confidence and fosters a strong community spirit.

Start your swimming journey in Amsterdam with Aqua Hero!

Whether you're looking to overcome a lifelong fear or to fine-tune your swimming technique, don't just take their word for it - check out Aqua Hero's lessons by booking your first try-out session for any of their locations. Visit the Aqua Hero website and Instagram page for more information on swimming lessons.



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