A winter wonderland: is heavy snow on the cards for this weekend?

A winter wonderland: is heavy snow on the cards for this weekend?

Meteorologists across Europe had been left stumped this week as two polar opposite weather models had been made for this weekend: one saw the continent hit with mild temperatures, the other predicted a harsh and cold easterly wind which would bring freezing temperatures and potentially some snow. 

Well, as the weekend draws near, which weather model won out? As of Thursday, it seems that meteorologists have leaned towards the colder predictions, which means the Netherlands could be looking forward to a very, very snowy weekend!

Parts of the Netherlands could see 30 centimetres of snow!

Experts are now certain that snow is headed to the Netherlands this weekend, the only question is: how much? Saturday will serve as a bit of a transitional day, with a bitter easterly wind and rain clouds gradually travelling from south to north. But, as those clouds head north, rain will turn to snow. Temperatures will drop throughout the day and as evening rolls around, the northern half of the country will see snow. 

While southern parts of the country may have been lucky enough to already see significant snow this winter, this time it looks as though much of South Limburg will remain untouched. The north of the country will see the coldest temperatures and the most snow, but if you live more centrally you can also look forward to sub-zero temperatures and a fair amount of snow. 

The bitter wind means that, as the snow falls, temperatures are expected to reach between -8 and -13 overnight. Plus, the clouds aren’t expected to go anywhere, so the snow is expected to continue into Sunday, but the intensity of the snowfall is likely to drop. Some models predict as much as 30 centimetres of snow in the northernmost parts of the country! 

Icy temperatures expected to last into next week

Most of the snow is predicted to fall on Saturday, but some models think more snow could be on the way on Sunday. What is certain is that temperatures will be freezing - and they will stay freezing heading into next week. 

Anyone who has been lusting after real winter weather can look forward to next week, where temperatures are expected to hang around (or below) zero degrees, with frost, ice, and potentially snow on the cards for parts of the country. Temperatures aren’t expected to rise again until next weekend, so make sure you dig out those gloves - you’ll need them. And if you're planning on driving or cycling anywhere, be careful, it'll be icy!

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