Why Den Bosch is a lovely place to move to

Why Den Bosch is a lovely place to move to

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Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch) is the capital of the province of North Brabant. There are so many beautiful parts of the city to explore and experience, including a vast history which you can see in the gorgeous architecture and artworks of city. Crown Relocations has listed their top reasons for making Den Bosch your next home.

Art and history

Den Bosch, originally built as a fortress in the late 15th century, still has some of the original walls around the city for you to explore. After the Second World War, the Dutch government declared the city a protected townscape and much of its beautiful heritage remains in place for you to experience if you move to Den Bosch.

As the city has a rich history, there is plenty of art for you to take in. Den Bosch was the birthplace of Hieronymus Bosch, one of the great northern Renaissance painters, but if modern art is more to your taste, there are some wonderful contemporary art galleries in the city as well.

Sites and activities

There are plenty of different magnificent sites in the city for you to explore on foot. Beginning with St John’s Cathedral, which is a fine example of Gothic architecture, situated in the centre of the city. Relatively close by is the Noordbrabants Museum featuring an extensive collection of art you could just spend all day looking at.

Den Bosch also has several different rivers for you to explore by boat, for example, the Binnendieze. Located near the old town centre, travelling along this river will give you the opportunity to see the city in a completely different way. There are various boat tours that take you to some (usually) inaccessible areas and even underneath the old medieval parts of the city!

Den Bosch also has several old squares in the town centre; Minderbroederplein is one of the most charming and inviting ones. This square is surrounded by many shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Food, food, food!

There are so many bars and restaurants in Den Bosch to enjoy! A lot of these restaurants offer food delivery as well, so you can enjoy amazing cuisine from the comfort of your own home. A popular chain in the city is the Sarban Afghaans restaurant, offering an extensive range of fresh and organic food from Afghanistan for very reasonable prices.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit fancier, we recommend eating at Sense, which is situated right next to the Jheronimus Bosch Art Centre. This restaurant offers fine dining, with dishes refined with the very best the area has to offer.

Let’s go shopping!

After you’ve eaten your way through Den Bosch, it’s time to get to know some of the shops around the city. There are so many unique boutiques you can visit to get your hands on some iconic fashion items. Head down to Snellestraat, where you can visit the boutique Liefste Fashion and many more.

Moving can be both exciting and daunting. Crown Relocations has been helping people relocate internationally for over fifty years, offering support for all the logistical and emotional needs of you and those moving with you. Download their guide to help you relocate with confidence, so you can start living as soon as you arrive. Has this article got you thinking about moving to Den Bosch? Crown Relocations would love to know what you are most looking forward to doing when you arrive!



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