This is what the Netherlands binged during coronavirus lockdowns

This is what the Netherlands binged during coronavirus lockdowns

2020 delivered many with a sudden abundance of time to sit at home, relax, take up a new hobby (or learn a language!), and binge countless series and movies on the digital streaming service Netflix. Some shows were global hits, like Tiger King, while others were Dutch shows that performed well right here in their home nation. 

This is what the Netherlands watched while everyone was stuck at home in 2020. 

Dutch series Undercover the most popular title

The top pick for Netherlands-based audiences was the Belgian / Dutch series Undercover, and out of all Netflix content, has managed to hold on to a spot in the top 10 picks for the Netherlands for the longest time. The show follows undercover police officers as they infiltrate a drug kingpin’s operation by posing as a couple at the campsite where he regularly spends his weekends - and the good news is it has English subtitles!


Other series that proved popular include White Lines and, of course, Tiger King. 2020 also saw more people in the Netherlands opt for documentaries over fiction - the popularity of documentaries rose by 60 percent! Top picks include Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich and The Social Dilemma

2020 also saw a significant rise in the popularity of Korean drama series such as Kingdom, Rugal, and Crash Landing on you. Korean reality series and anime also become popular during the first lockdown in the spring.

Audiences fell in love with romance in 2020

Alongside series, people in the Netherlands also enjoyed a number of new films over the past 12 months. Apparently, people were looking for easy and enjoyable watches, with romantic films and series being viewed wise as many times as in 2019. The Kissing Booth 2 and To All The Boys: PS I Love You proved particularly popular. 

The Netflix original movie, Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things fame, Helena Bonham Carter, and Henry Cavill was also a favourite in the Netherlands. Overall, the top genres were drama, kids (got to keep the little ones entertained at home!), and comedy / stand-up. 

While Netflix doesn’t disclose exact viewing figures, the streaming service monitored original content that premiered in 2020, measuring popularity by the number of accounts that watched at least two minutes of a series / movie within the first 28 days of it becoming available.

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