Welcome to urbanana! | Ruhr Area

Welcome to urbanana! | Ruhr Area


These days, it’s recommended to stay home to stay safe. But that doesn‘t mean, you cannot already plan your next city trip for the time after the pandemic! You don’t even need to go far: Close to the Netherlands and the Belgian border lies North Rhine-Westphalia.

Taking a look at the map, you’ll see how the urban areas are stretching from the Ruhr Area via Düsseldorf to Cologne, revealing a banana shape.

Welcome to urbanana

Welcome to urbanana

urbanana is rather an attitude than a destination. Instead of focusing on typical sightseeing attractions, urbanana emphasises the individual and creative minds that help to shape the urban spaces.

The Ruhr Area

Many of these innovative and creative folks come together in the Ruhr Area composed of 53 cities. Of course, each city has its own spots to gather around and meet locals.

Attentive visitors will notice that one neon sign is ubiquitous all over the Ruhr Area: “Trinkhalle”. These corner kiosks sell snacks and drinks, though it is most common to buy a beer there before heading to the next destination. Some of the people passing a Trinkhalle even like to stay a little longer, losing themselves in inspiring conversations with friends and strangers.

© Jürgen Brinkmann, courtesy of urbanana and EyEm Trinkhalle drink kiosk Ruhr Area Germany

The cities of the Ruhr Area are full of inviting corners. One of them is the Kreuzviertel in Dortmund. Between renovated old buildings and small side streets, you’ll find unique bars and cafés that are perfect to soak up the vibe of the Ruhr Area and its people. The counterpart to the Kreuzviertel in Dortmund is Rüttenscheid in Essen. Many of the restaurants and cafés are located in and around Rüttenscheider Straße, affectionately called “Rü” by the locals.

In Bochum, visitors and locals romp around in Ehrenfeld (not to be confused with the Ehrenfeld in Cologne, although there are certain similarities). At night people are usually drawn to the nearby Bermuda3eck (Bermuda triangle) where you can find one bar after the other. In case you get hungry around midnight, we recommend trying original currywurst.

Bermuda3Eck Bochum © Tourismus NRW e.V Bermuda3eck Bochum Ruhr Area Germany

Restaurants and bars

More tips for eating and drinking:





© Carsten Behle, courtesy of EyeEm Street art Ruhr Area Germany

Exceptional shops

The urban areas of the Ruhr Area also offer many opportunities to just stroll around. Everywhere you can find affectionately led shops and inspiring designs:




Music culture in the Ruhr Area

The Dellviertel in Duisburg is also hyped by music lovers for its record stores (33 1/3 Schallplatten, Far Out Schallplatten, Onkel Stereo). Want to know more about the music culture in the Ruhr Area? Check out Sound of Ruhr Area.

Discover Bochum © Tourismus NRW e.V. LP record store in Bochum Ruhr Area Germany

Co-working spaces in the Ruhr Area

Despite the numerous offers for your leisure time in the Ruhr Area, there are also possibilities to check your work emails and not be distracted. Visit one of the several co-working spaces all over the area:

KaBü Co-Working Space & Cafe Essen © Tourismus NRW e.V. - Johannes Höhn KaBü Co-Working Space & Cafe Essen

Find out more with urbanana

Be inspired by urbanana and its people and become part of the community! Find out more on the urbanana website (English Version) or follow urbanana on social media (@goingurbanana): Twitter and Instagram.

Ruhr Area Co-Working Space © Tourismus NRW e.V. - Johannes Höhn Ruhr Area Co-Working Space

© Quadratauge, courtesy of EyeEm urban Ruhr Area Germany

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Thumb: © Johannes Höhn



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