Welcome to urbanana! | Düsseldorf

Welcome to urbanana! | Düsseldorf


These days, it’s recommended to stay home to stay safe. But that doesn‘t mean, you cannot already plan your next city trip for the time after the pandemic! You don’t even need to go far: Close to the Netherlands and the Belgian border lies North Rhine-Westphalia.

Taking a look at the map, you’ll see how the urban areas are stretching from the Ruhr Area via Düsseldorf to Cologne, revealing a banana shape.

Welcome to urbanana

Welcome to urbanana

urbanana is rather an attitude than a destination. Instead of focusing on typical sightseeing attractions, urbanana emphasises the individual and creative minds that help to shape the urban spaces.


Just in the middle of urbanana’s curvature, you’ll find Düsseldorf. The city is one big hot spot when it comes to art. Finding access to the local scene is not difficult. When you walk through the city, you’ll pass several artsy places. Simply keep your eyes open: Colourful murals and urban artworks are located all over the city. And even some of the metro stations are shiny artworks, like the ones of the Wehrhahn-Linie.

Photo: © Jan Dimog inside Wehrhahn-Linie metro station Dusseldorf

Art in Düsseldorf

The city's love of art is reflected in the high number of museums and art galleries. Art is diverse, and so are the possibilities to go to a museum in Düsseldorf.

Just to name a few of them:

Home to some of Düsseldorf’s architectural flagships is the MedienHafen, which is located on the Rhine and close to the city’s docks. Star architect Frank O. Gehry designed the famous warped-looking buildings. But Düsseldorf is not only popular for its artsy sights.

Photo: © Jan Dimog Dusseldorf Media Haven

Music in Düsseldorf

Famous German bands like Kraftwerk and Die Toten Hosen took their first musical steps in the city. Find out more about The Sound of Düsseldorf

One place to feel the spirit of Düsseldorf’s musical heritage is the Salon des Amateurs. As a nightclub for avant-garde and electronic music, it became known worldwide. Today it’s still a place for musical encounters but also a nice café to grab a cup of coffee before heading to the city centre.

Photo: Salon des Amateurs © Markus Luigs Salon des Amateurs Dusseldorf

Markets, cafés and bars in Düsseldorf

Another option to take a little break in the middle of the city centre is the Carlsplatz. Whether you prefer local dishes or food and snacks from all over the world: The old market place offers nearly every culinary experience you can think of.

Of course, there are several options for those who prefer to relax and process in a café or bar:

Photo: Kreuzherreneck © Markus Luigs Kreuzherreneck bar in Dusseldorf

Nightlife, restaurants and shopping in Düsseldorf

Flingern and Oberbilk are two of the popular quarters when it comes to nightlife (for example Lucy’s Sky or Kassette) and restaurants (check out Waya Kitchen or Nooij). Also, they offer a lot of shopping opportunities for those, who like to stroll around and find little treasures in individual concept stores:

Co-working spaces in Düsseldorf dusseldorf.jpg

When staying in Düsseldorf you will notice that creative places, museums and chill-out zones are very close to each other. In case you need a little break from all those leisure time activities and a place to concentrate or work with others, check out one of the many inspirational co-working spaces of the city:

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Photo: © Anja Roos 

Photo: © Peeradon Warithkorasuth, courtesy of EyEm dusseldorf-city.jpg

Photo: © Jürgen Brinkmann urbanana Dusseldorf

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