[Video] Ice skating in the Netherlands

[Video] Ice skating in the Netherlands

[Video] Ice skating in the Netherlands

With the cold weather settling in in the Netherlands, what better a time than now to look back at last year’s winter weather and the ice skating that ensued.

Kees Kluskens’ YouTube channel gives us a glimpse of ice skating on the frozen “De Banen” lake in Nederweert-Eind.

Rein Martens' YouTube channel explores ice skating in the Netherlands, with the Dutch landscape as the perfect backdrop.

It is not only last year that ice skating on frozen lakes took place. This year, in ‘t Roegwold - Schildmeer area, the ice was just thick enough and ice skating lovers were able to take to the lake. Evert Benz was able to capture a few skating enthusiasts in his YouTube video.

Have you ever skated on a Dutch lake? let us know in the comments!

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