Freezing cold weather coming to the Netherlands

Freezing cold weather coming to the Netherlands

If you haven’t already taken your warmest clothes out of the closet, it is definitely time to. Icy cold temperatures are expected in the Netherlands this Friday and it will stay cold until the middle of next week.

Chilly Siberian air in the Netherlands

On Friday, an east / north-eastern wind will enter the Netherlands from Siberia. During this night, temperatures in the Netherlands are expected to drop to around -5C and -8C. Throughout the day, on Friday and Saturday, the sun will be out and temperatures will rise to roughly 2C to 4C.

On Sunday, however, temperatures during the daytime will reach only just above freezing point. Temperatures may drop even further on Monday and Tuesday morning to less than -10C, with the real feel temperature being around -15C due to the cold wind.

From Sunday until Wednesday, the temperature during the day will likely be around 0C, or slightly above this, if only for a short period of time. The real feel temperature in the midday will be approximately -5C. 

Warmer, but still cold in the Netherlands

After Wednesday, the temperature in the Netherlands is expected to rise above freezing point in the daytime. However, during the night icy temperatures are still expected.

This frosty period may allow ice-skaters to take to natural ice at ice clubs, for example. However, the possibility to skate on large bodies of open water will be unlikely due to strong winds and higher temperatures in the daytime.

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