[Video] Check out the Netherlands' 2021 entry for Eurovision

[Video] Check out the Netherlands' 2021 entry for Eurovision

With approximately one month to go until this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, check out the track and the artist representing the reigning champion: Jeangu Macrooy’s Birth of a New Age is the 2021 entry for the Netherlands!

2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Having waited two years since the last “real” song contest, fans across the globe - and in the Netherlands in particular - are eager to see it take place in Rotterdam in May. 

Last year it was announced that participating countries would be allowed to use the same artist in 2021 as they had selected in 2020, but all performers would have to enter with a brand new song. This led to some disappointment, as there was some real buzz about Iceland’s Think About Things and Russia’s Uno

Jeangu Macrooy representing the Netherlands

It’s very rare for a country to win the contest two years in a row, but that doesn’t mean the Netherlands isn’t putting its best foot forward. The country is sticking with Macrooy who was selected for the 2020 edition, but has entered a new song called Birth of a New Age.

Written by Macrooy and Pieter Perquin, the song features a chorus in Surinamese, reflecting Macrooy’s heritage - he spent the first 20 years of his life in Suriname before moving to the Netherlands. Listen to it and check out the music video below!

Thumb: Anton Corbijn via Eurovision.

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