Utrecht to plant 900 trees to honour 900th birthday

Utrecht to plant 900 trees to honour 900th birthday

To mark the 900th birthday of Utrecht in 2022, the municipality has arranged for 900 trees to be planted across the city over the next 18 months.

900 trees for 900 years of Utrecht

On June 2, 2022, Utrecht will celebrate 900 years since it received its city rights. Celebrations will last from June through to November 11, 2022, with a number of events and activities planned under the theme of “Utrecht, a city without walls”, to honour the momentous anniversary. 

Part of the plan is a campaign called “900 trees for 900 years of Utrecht.” Each of the city’s 10 neighbourhoods will receive a commemorative tree to be planted in a public space, which the municipality hopes will create a lasting memory of the celebration and also ensure cohesion between the 10 districts of the city. 

Utrecht residents can also get involved

The remaining 450 trees will be distributed among residents for them to plant themselves. Residents of the city can register for a tree via the municipality website

Residents can also get involved in the campaign by helping to suggest locations for the 10 commemorative trees: “We will focus on places in squares or parks, where the tree is part of the neighbourhood and has enough space to grow further,” the municipality said. They hope the trees will remain in place for future generations to enjoy. 

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