Unique ideas for Christmas decorations

Unique ideas for Christmas decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to decorate!

Maybe you love the holidays and dream of turning your living room into a Pinterest-worthy, winter wonderland. Or maybe the idea of a huge tree and the same old decorations cluttering your space might send shivers down your spine. In that case, you will find the following alternative - space-efficient yet festive - ideas helpful.

No tree, no problem

Instead of a traditional, bulky Christmas tree, why not spice up some house plants? The great thing about this is that you probably already have a few plants in your home. If not, you can buy a new plant that you can make festive and keep forever after!

If you don’t have a green thumb, however, you can also decorate some fake plants, tree branches, or even get a metallic miniature tree.

Bonus: Christmas greenery

If you aren’t sure which plants to buy for the season, might we suggest holly, mistletoe, and the classic Christmas poinsettia plant – keep in mind that the latter requires some care!

These plants are not only natural and colourful solutions, but they can also double as thoughtful and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. It’s a win-win!

Let there be light

Sometimes the best solutions in life are the simplest ones. Adorning your home with warm lights can spread that holiday joy and cheer more than even the prettiest tree. Christmas decoration trends tend to change every year, and it might not be nice for your wallet to constantly be buying new things to keep up.

A minimal and versatile option is to place lights on your walls, staircase, shelf, a cabinet or wherever you like! Clear, white LED lights are usually the most popular option.

The best part about warm lighting: it is timeless and can be reused all-year round for spring picnics, late summer evenings, or cosy autumn days.

The Christmas corner

Are you busy with your job, partner, kids, etc. and have no time to change the layout and Feng shui of your entire home? Then, a Christmas corner might be just the thing!

To create your very own Christmas corner, pick one spot in your space (it doesn’t have to necessarily be an actual corner) that is exclusively devoted to all things festive. This limited festive space can be a focused area where you display presents, handmade family cards and cherished photos.

Some location ideas are your entrance / hallway, a coffee table, a shelf under your window, or a fireplace. Or you can have a literal corner and put a tiny tree or some Knick knacks on the floor. It’s up to you!

Having a specific spot means that you get all the warm vibes of the season without all the labour and excessive clutter taking up precious space. When the New Year arrives, you will thank yourself (or us) for the easy cleaning job!

Whether you are a Christmasphile or someone who is content with a few minimal decorations, these ideas are sure to give you an exciting new take on the season. Are you going to implement any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes


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