TU Delft’s new paving stones that charge your e-bike installed in Arnhem

TU Delft’s new paving stones that charge your e-bike installed in Arnhem

With electric bikes becoming increasingly popular amongst cyclists, Arnhem has installed a brand new feature near the city’s station: designed by a team from the university in Delft, the TILER paving stones can charge e-bikes that are parked on top of them! 

Arnhem installs paving stones that wirelessly charge e-bikes

E-bikes are already a pretty modern addition to Dutch roads, but those behind TILER were frustrated by the fact that these modern vehicles were still being charged the old-fashioned way: with a cable and plug. 

So, they set out to create TILER, a wireless way for cyclists to charge their e-bikes when they’re out and about. While the project is still in its early stages - the company was founded just two years ago - co-founder and CEO Christiaan van Nispen explains that several trials are already being carried out in Rotterdam and Delft. Now, Arnhem is the latest Dutch city to benefit from the new technology. 

TILER tiles designed by team from TU Delft

The TILER paving stones use induction technology to wirelessly charge electric bikes. To use them, all you need to do is park your bike on the tiles and voila! It’ll charge. Currently, the tech is only compatible with the Bondi e-bikes that are available to rent, but in time the municipality and TILER team will expand it to work for all e-bikes.

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