Topshop comes to Amsterdam

This week, de Bijenkorf officially unveiled its new in-store Topshop outlet.

A fashionable occasion

The official opening took place on Monday and was attended by various Dutch celebrities and fashion icons. Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra was clearly excited about the new store, gushing that, "I love British style."

A small Topshop outlet launched in 2011 in SPRMRKT on Amsterdam's Rozengracht, but it didn’t meet with huge success, perhaps because it only stocked a small selection of items.

However, this new store promises to be the real deal, occupying a full 150 square metres of the Bijenkorf (with another 150 metres dedicated to the Topman brand). 

Based on the opening event, it looks as though the branch will stock a much wider selection of clothes and accessories - surely good news for all of Amsterdam's fashion-forward students and well-heeled young women.

Style super-power

Topshop was established in London in 1964, and is now one of the most popular and successful fashion brands in the world.

It currently has 730 outlets around the globe, including its new spot in the Bijenkorf.

Aside from its seasonal collections, Topshop sells clothing made by smaller brands plus unique, one-off vintage pieces.

It has also featured collections designed by iconic figures such as Kate Moss and Beyonce.

Source: Parool

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