Thulpactie: Brightening up nursing homes with tulips

Thulpactie: Brightening up nursing homes with tulips

Currently, things are a little crazy. Turning on the news can get you down real fast. However, there are many people with great initiatives these days that will surely make you feel a little better. Initiatives like this one!


Last Saturday, JCI Amsterdam, a network of young entrepreneurs, brightened up nursing homes in the Alkmaar region by bringing them a plethora of tulips, 12.000 of them! They did this to not only put a smile on the faces of the nurses and the residents of said nursing homes but also to help out Fleureco, a flower company from Lutjebroek, which is suffering because of the coronavirus. They called this initiative Thulpactie, a clever play on words ("hulp" meaning help and "tulp" meaning tulip). 

“I have never experienced this in my lifetime. It hurts me to see that a large number of the flowers I have grown will be destroyed, while they could have made many people happy”, says Joris Reus, owner of Fleureco.

JCI Amsterdam got word of Fleureco’s situation and decided to help out. They picked up the flowers, and distributed them amongst the nursing homes, asking for a (voluntary) contribution, stating all money would go to Fleureco to help out the company during this time.

Afterwards, everyone was happy with the results, and especially with the delighted faces of both the residents and employees of the nursing homes! If you would like to help Fleureco, you can still donate and help this company in need!

Thulpactie 2

Do you know of any coronavirus initiatives that will brighten up our day? Let us know in the comments, and who knows, we might share it on our site!

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