SwimEasy: Where every adult learns to swim confidently

SwimEasy: Where every adult learns to swim confidently


In a country famed for its canals and waterways, swimming is more than just a leisure activity - it's a vital skill. SwimEasy, a leading provider of adult swimming lessons in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Diemen, offers a unique and personalised approach to learning this essential skill.

Tailored and flexible learning for every adult

Whether you're an absolute beginner or looking to refine your strokes, SwimEasy caters to all levels. With a philosophy centred around tailored and flexible learning, their professional team ensures that each participant progresses at their own pace.

The lessons, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and modern teaching techniques, include personalised guidance and support. What sets SwimEasy apart is their use of video recording to analyse techniques, providing detailed feedback for effective learning.

Here are the different levels:


  • Building comfort and confidence 
  • Basic water safety skills 


  • Body position and breathing techniques 
  • Drills for speed and endurance  


  • Advanced stroke mechanics 
  • Drills for speed and endurance 

swim easy adult swimming lessons

Flexibility and convenience in scheduling

Understanding the busy schedules of expats and locals alike, SwimEasy offers unparalleled flexibility. Participants can build comfort and confidence in the water, learn basic water safety skills, and receive individualised feedback. With the ability to create your own schedule and the option to cancel and reschedule classes, SwimEasy ensures that improving your swimming skills fits seamlessly into your life.

SwimEasy stands out as a beacon for adults looking to learn or improve their swimming in a supportive, flexible, and professional environment. Whether it's for safety, fitness, or simply the joy of swimming, their tailored approach ensures that each individual's needs are met, making every stroke a step towards mastery in the water.

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