Sky-high in Rotterdam: Plans for 30-metre high footbridge unveiled

Sky-high in Rotterdam: Plans for 30-metre high footbridge unveiled

This probably won’t be exciting news to anyone with a fear of heights, but Rotterdam has unveiled plans for a brand-new 29,5-metre high footbridge which will allow pedestrians to explore the city from above. 

Explore Rotterdam as you've never seen it before!

A 60-metre long footbridge is set to be constructed between the roof of the World Trade Centre and the Bijenkorf in the city centre, and will tower approximately 30 metres above the ground. De Rooftop Walk - or The Rooftop Walk - was inspired by the extremely popular Rotterdam Rooftop Days festival, which allows residents and tourists the unique opportunity to explore the city’s towering rooftops.


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The temporary attraction is set to open to the public at 10am on May 26, and will remain in place through to the end of June. It'll be open daily until 8pm, but sightseers will have to buy a ticket and book a slot online ahead of their visit.

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