Rotterdam Rooftop Days

Rotterdam Rooftop Days

May 24, 2024May 26, 2024
Various open rooftops

Discover Rotterdam from atop one of the dozens of rooftops! Rotterdam Rooftop Days (Dakendagen Rotterdam) shows off the beauty of Rotterdam to thousands of people from a unique and memorable perspective.

Performances on rooftops

Rooftops of both famous and unknown buildings, both public and private, will be taken over by musicians, cocktail bars, exhibitions, actors and visitors, for a sky-high experience. Performances and activities will entertain and thrill you, and meanwhile, you can enjoy the bustling Rotterdam skyline in the background.

Urban atmosphere during Rotterdam Rooftop Days

The rooftops of Rotterdam have an atmosphere of their own, filled with never-ending hidden platforms and sanctuaries you would never have expected to find. Only during the Rotterdam Rooftop Days can you explore such a large number of these usually closed-off locations.

Day events and evening specials

During the daytime during Rotterdam Rooftop Days, visitors can enjoy a fun surprise programme that lasts from 11am until 5pm. Afterwards, the intriguing evening specials will see you into the night! There are few clues about the exact programme, but you can be sure to expect a wide variety of rooftop concerts, bars, silent discos, sports workshops and children’s activities.


YouTube videos by VR ComposersImage courtesy of Rotterdam Dakendagen.