Save Theater Instituut Nederland

TIN official announcement
The Government of the Netherlands intends to stop funding Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN). Over the decades, TIN has proved itself to be an outstanding ambassador for the Dutch performing arts and it is the centre for expertise and information on, and for, Dutch theatre. Thanks to TIN, the Netherlands plays a significant role on the international stage.

Theater Instituut Nederland is also a dedicated curator of the history and future of the performing arts and manages a theatre collection that is unique in Europe.

theater institution netherlands

Do not let the curtain go down on TIN and support their campaign before June 17. You can do that in the following ways:
› Sign the petition. It will be presented to the Government of the Netherlands by TIN on June 20.
› Forward information to as many people as possible. If you use twitter, please use #supportTIN.
› Send a letter to the Government of the Netherlands. Write a few lines why TIN is important or use the standard letter.

Source: Theater Instituut Nederland




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