Rotterdam’s Katendrecht voted one of Europe's trendiest neighbourhoods

Rotterdam’s Katendrecht voted one of Europe's trendiest neighbourhoods

Picking out where you want to live can be a pretty tricky decision, as you have to take so many different factors into consideration. Perhaps you’re drawn to a certain neighbourhood because of the public transport connections, or the quality of local schools.

Alternatively, you could pick where you want to live based on the area’s atmosphere and vibe - even in as small a city as Amsterdam, for example, living in Amsterdam Noord is a very different experience from living in Oud Zuid.

But, if you’re looking for somewhere to live and are on the hunt for the coolest place to live, it might be worth checking out the Katendrecht neighbourhood in Rotterdam, as it has recently been voted one of the top 10 trendiest areas in Europe!

Everything that Katendrecht area has to offer

Coming in at number eight on Dutch travel site time to momo’s list of Europe’s most stylish districts, Katendrecht is described as a “working-class district with a cool, industrial look.”

A peninsula located on the southern banks of the Maas, Katendrecht was once the red light district and Chinatown of Rotterdam, and, thanks to the famous Holland-America Line, was a base for thousands of emigrants from all over Europe.

Nowadays, the area is better known as a hub for delicious food and trendy eateries, filled to the brim with independent shops and cafes, as well as various museums and theatres. Its skyline is populated by a mix of industrial warehouses and sleek highrises, as well as the iconic ss Rotterdam, the former flagship of the Holland America Line.

“While the area's old character is still present, there is now a sense of vibrancy and innovation," time to momo writes, highlighting Deliplein and the Fenix Food Factory as the neighbourhood’s hotspots.

Europe’s top 10 trendiest neighbourhoods

According to time to momo’s list - which was compiled following a survey of over 20.000 city trippers in Europe - these are the continent’s trendiest neighbourhoods:

  1. Psiri, Athens
  2. L’Eixample, Valencia
  3. Cais do Sodre, Lisbon
  4. Shoreditch, London
  5. Neukölln, Berlin
  6. Nørrebro, Copenhagen
  7. Encarnacion & Regina, Seville
  8. Katendrecht, Rotterdam
  9. Lavapies, Madrid
  10. t’ Eilandje, Antwerp

Find out more about the above neighbourhoods on time to momo's website,

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