Roll on with the Amsterdam Derby Dames!

The Amsterdam Derby Dames are recruiting new skaters
On Saturday, September 17, the Amsterdam Derby Dames are hosting an afternoon of roller derby drills and information about competitive roller skating. Training of new recruits will take place for a period of four months, between September and December 2011.

The Amsterdam Derby Dames are a group of strong women coming from different backgrounds to play flat track roller derby - a fast-paced contact team sport that requires speed, strategy and athleticism. As of September 2009, they have founded the first Dutch roller derby league, and they pride themselves in their acceptance of everyone, no matter experience, occupation, size or shape.

Roller derby was invented in the US, where it became a popular form of entertainment throughout the 50's and 60's, as most competitions were staged and rehearsed. Roller derby left behind the theatrical elements and evolved into a full-on competitive sport that requires intense training and dedication.

For more information on signing up contact freshmeat[at]amsterdamderbydames[dot]nl or visit the Amsterdam Derby Dames website.

Amsterdam Roller Derby dames

Roller Derby dames

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