Rembrandt’s incredibly lifelike paintings in motion

Step into the magical world of Rembrandt’s paintings, like you’ve never seen them before: in motion. His portraits were already lifelike as stills, but as animations they are truly stunning depictions of people and life in the mid-17th century.

This amazing animation video begs the question, what would the Dutch artist have created had he been a modern-day animator with access to CGI graphics?

Called "Late Rembrandt", this series of animated paintings was produced by KPN, the main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The paintings:
1) Bathsheba with King David's Letter, 1654
2) Jacob zegent de zonen van Jozef, 1656 (Jacob blesses the sons of Joseph)
3) De Joodse bruid, ca. 1665 (The Jewish bride)
4) De badende vrouw, 1654 (Bathing woman)
5) Titus aan de lezenaar, 1655 (Titus at the lectern)
6) Familieportret, ca. 1665 (Family portrait)
7) Claudius Civilis, ca. 1661-1662
8) Ruiterportret van Frederik Rihel, ca. 1663 (Equestrian portrait of Frederik Rihel)
9) De Staalmeesters, 1662 (The Steelmasters)
10) Zelfportret met twee cirkels, ca. 1665-1669 (Self portrait with two circles)

Courtesy of CS Digital Media

Thomas Lundberg


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