Huge new Monty Python ‘Silly Walks’ mural in Eindhoven

Huge new Monty Python ‘Silly Walks’ mural in Eindhoven

Comedic icon John Cleese’s famous "Ministry of Silly Walks" sketch was recently immortalised in the city of Eindhoven. 76-year-old Cleese, best known for his work with the British comedy collective Monty Python, came to the Dutch city in late April 2016 to unveil the mural of his signature walk.

Dutch design bureau Studio Giftig was commissioned by the city to create the artwork. It took them two weeks to create the 130-metre-long mural in the Dommeltunneltje, a tunnel for cyclists and pedestrians.

The idea came from Eindhoven city official Arjan uit het Broek, who wants to increase the "smile factor" in public spaces.

The photo is courtesy of Studio Giftig.

Thomas Lundberg


Thomas Lundberg

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