A plant hotel is opening at VU Amsterdam library

A plant hotel is opening at VU Amsterdam library

Have you ever had the dilemma of what to do with your plants while you go abroad for the summer? Well, VU Amsterdam is opening a plant hotel, so that its students don’t need to worry about their plants when they leave for the summer holidays. 

A plant-sitting service for students

It has been scientifically proven that plants contribute to better physical and mental health and therefore, a growing number of students have plant collections in their student housing

These urban jungles need care and attention, which may pose worry for those studying in the Netherlands who often leave for extended periods, whether for holidays or to visit their friends and family back home. Nobody wants to leave their lush green pride-and-joy plants behind, only to return to find them wilting and dehydrated - or even dead.

That's why the library of the VU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has become a place where plants are welcome, the more the merrier.

Student welfare and plant welfare

Students of the VU can now leave their plants for the weeks or months they’ll be away this summer. They’ll be kept thriving with all the water, light and attention they could possibly need. The university sees it as an exchange: “You are flourishing at our university, so we give the plants the love they deserve.” Student welfare is an important theme at VU, and this summer, plant welfare is also gaining prominence. 

The plants brighten up the university and make it a happier and healthier place, and in return, the “plant hoteliers” tend to the plants and keep them healthy during their stay. The plant carers comprise library staff as well as students who plan to be at the university over the summer.

Who can leave their plants to be cared for at the plant hotel?

This green initiative was devised with VU students in mind. However, Harm Derks from the university library said that they would consider offering the service to others as well. Let's hope this catches on at more universities in the Netherlands, and at other establishments.

Stay tuned, plant parents - you and your plants might just get lucky when you go on your holidays

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