Parking spot in Amsterdam for sale for 495.000 euros

Parking spot in Amsterdam for sale for 495.000 euros

A parking space in Amsterdam was recently listed for sale for the mind-blowing price of 495.000 euros. The garage parking spot, located close to the Vondelpark, can be bought for a cool near-half a million euros, or rented for just 750 euros per month!

Many parking spaces in Amsterdam are too expensive

Wildly, the parking spot is not the only outrageously-priced parking space in the neighbourhood. Other spots listed on the housing platform Funda show a number of incredibly expensive parking spaces located across the Dutch capital, showing just how much some drivers are willing to pay to park their car in a spot near the city centre. 

For the lucky buyer of the 495.000-euro top-price parking spot, there are also additional costs on top of the purchase of the space itself. The buyer will have to pay 100 euros per month to the homeowners' association in service costs, and payments for municipal tax and ground rent charged by the municipality

Other parking spaces in the capital cost up to 250.000 euros

In the same garage, car-parking hunters can also snap up another space for a little cheaper - 250.000 euros. The narrower space requires drivers to park between a support post and a Porsche convertible, photos from the listing on Funda showed. 

According to RTL financial journalist Erik Rezelman, the high prices are partly due to policies designed to discourage driving in Dutch cities. “A place like that is absolutely not worth half a million euros,” Rezelman said.

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