Openbare Werkplaats Amsterdam: Rent a workbench

Openbare Werkplaats Amsterdam: Rent a workbench


The Openbare Werkplaats (the Public Workshop), with its many artisanal facets, is a mecca for the (wannabe) craftsman or -woman: it’s a place where you can make your ideas (small and large) reality.

In 2012, the Openbare Werkplaats was started as a unique concept where one can rent a workbench, as well as make use of a fully-equipped machine shop. With a wood-, metal- and technical department, there is a temporary workspace available for anyone with an idea or an ambition, both for professionals as well as hobby-minded creative people.

Learn new skills with the courses at the Openbare Werkplaats

Competent supervisors are always present, including owners Remco and Stijn, who started this creative and sustainable breeding ground. They both wanted to create a place where "a variety of people come together, make inspiring things and get the opportunity to create or try their hand at everything."

The Openbare Werkplaats offers everyone the opportunity to design, create, prototype, repair and try out things without having to invest in expensive machines or a permanent workshop. Whether you are a starter, self-employed worker or desk tiger: you only pay if you need our facilities. Even in this increasingly digitised society, it is still desirable and necessary to first make things the “old-fashioned way”: by hand.

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Work independently

Do you want to get started with your own work (piece)? You can rent a workbench and work independently. This is possible from 30 euros per half day, excluding VAT. The one-off registration fee is 25 euros. Once you are registered, you will receive a short-guided tour and an Openbare Werkplaats T-shirt.

Whether you are an independent professional, a designer, a hobbyist or an artist, anyone can work at the Openbare Werkplaats!

Learning crafts

Additionally, the Openbare Werkplaats distinguishes itself as the place for traditional courses. In 6 years, the number of courses on offer has grown to more than 50, in both Dutch and English.

These courses will get you acquainted with the available machines, different processing techniques and types of materials. For example: woodworking, furniture making, metalworking, welding, forging, motorcycle maintenance and much more. Or learn various DIY jobs: from electricity to plumbing.

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Why register at the Openbare Werkplaats?

Here are a number of practical examples:

  • You are self-employed or have a business and you have an assignment, but you don’t have the space or the right machines. You can rent a workbench and use the machines. You can also store your work temporarily.
  • You have made your own design for a wooden cabinet, for example, and want to cut and process all parts to size. You may first do a woodworking course or start working on it yourself and maybe ask for help from time to time.
  • If you want to tinker with your own motorcycle, you can rent a workspace in the technical department or first follow the motorcycle maintenance course.
  • You are looking for a permanent workspace and you would like to gain some extra knowledge and have an extensive workshop at your disposal. You can rent such a workspace from 700 euros excl. VAT and electricity, but including use of the machines.
  • You want to do some team building activities with your company or group of friends? The Openbare Werkplaats can put together a tailor-made programme, just for you.

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Come on over!

Come over and take a look at the Openbare Werkplaats at Cruquiusweg 78 in Amsterdam Oost, so that you can see and experience for yourself what this creative hotspot can do for you!

Remco & stijn Openbare Werkplaats Amsterdam

Owners Remco & Stijn welcome you to the Openbare Werkplaats!



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