NYE 2019: Record 77 million euros worth of fireworks sold in the Netherlands

NYE 2019: Record 77 million euros worth of fireworks sold in the Netherlands

If it was your first year in the Netherlands, you might have been a little shocked by the chaos and commotion on New Year’s Eve. Hopefully, you've managed to survive the Dutch NYE fireworks in one piece and enjoy the festivities. It seems as though the Dutch did, as they bought a record amount of fireworks.

Shelling out for fireworks

According to interest association Pyrotechnics Netherlands, people in the Netherlands collectively shelled out 77 million euros worth of fireworks for NYE in 2019. That is a huge amount, and 10 percent more than was spent on the bursts of light in 2010.

The previous record for the amount spent on fireworks for NYE was 74 million, set in 2008 and 2009. This year, decorative fireworks particularly popular, says a spokesperson for Pyrotechnics Netherlands. People also opted for more expensive products, like composite boxes, which display a mini firework show. Peak sales this year were on December 30, as opposed to December 31.

Huge amount of illegal fireworks seized

Whilst many bought fireworks legally, some went down a not so legal route. In total this year, the police seized 57.969 kilos of illegal fireworks. In the last week of the year, they seized 13.145 kilos of illegal fireworks alone.

Seizures were the result of car searches and anonymous tips. In Zwolle, for example, 300 cars were searched for illegal fireworks. In one car, police found 3.000 illegal fireworks. This year, the police received 324 reports of illegal trade and storage of dangerous fireworks via the anonymous tip line Meld Misdaad Anoniem, quite a few more than last year’s 211 reports.

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mawilbolou 10:39 | 6 January 2020

It was one of the worst Christmas holidays I've ever experienced. Totally uncontrolled sales and usage, fireworks going off everyday from Xmas Eve to new year's Day. If you have children and or pets, it's a nightmare for them. Kids as young as 4 letting bombs off in local playgrounds, groups of kids with front facing rucksacks loaded with em. Local Police not doing a thing to stop it.