The Noke U-Lock: multi-level bike protection

The Noke U-Lock: multi-level bike protection

If you’ve invested in a fancy new bike - or if you just can’t bear the thought of life without your old one - the fear of waking up to find it gone from its usual storage place has likely crossed your mind more than once.

Bike theft is a frequent issue in some Dutch cities and discourages many locals from spending money on expensive models.

But an innovative new U-lock system from consumer electronics developer FŪZ Designs is designed to give owners of treasured bikes peace of mind through the enhanced physical and digital security of their Noke U-Lock.

Tried-and-true materials meet smartphone technology

The Noke U-Lock has a lot to live up to: in 2014 FŪZ Designs won engineering accolades for the Noke Padlock, which is currently moving into the production phase.

As the much-anticipated next step, the U-Lock is attracting a good deal of attention on Kickstarter, having far surpassed its pledge goal.

To be sure, the Noke U-lock is physically tough, constructed from a highly durable steel alloy.

Like the Noke Padlock, it forgoes a traditional lock-and-key system in favour of the very latest in digital technology. You control it entirely through your smartphone or smart watch, via the Noke App and wireless Bluetooth 4.0.

You can unlock the system either by pushing a button on your phone or (through an optional feature) by simply standing a few feet from the U-lock, which can automatically detect the presence of your phone. No fumbling required!

However, in the event that something goes wrong with your phone, there is a quick-click combination lock function on the device itself.

No smartphone? you can order your Noke with a Bluetooth-enabled key fob instead.

Additional features

The Noke comes complete with an alarm which will activate if an intruder tries to shake the bike for longer than three seconds or break into the quick-click code system.

If you want to lend your bike to a friend, you can share and restrict access via the Noke App.

Finally, the Noke is designed to stay out of your way while you’re riding - far from having to ride in your backpack, it can be mounted directly onto your bike frame.

Kickstarter campaign

Read more about the Kickstarter campaign here.

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