New dining platform seeks to transform our food system

New dining platform seeks to transform our food system


Table Sage is an online platform that helps you find a restaurant in Amsterdam for any occasion, or to suit any dietary needs, while still taking issues of sustainability into account so you can make conscientious and informed decisions. 

Helping you find the perfect restaurant

People around the world are looking to make more conscientious decisions— for the environment, their community, and for topics that bring personal meaning. Everyone can make a difference with the actions and steps they take. Table Sage website

Enter Table Sage, an online dining platform whose aim is to help users positively impact the greater food system. The unique mapping of Table Sage Locate allows users to filter for specific dining options, lifestyle or mood preferences, in addition to selecting eateries that make special efforts to operate sustainably. 

The tool is designed for users to have better dining experiences as they simultaneously support a full spectrum of recommended, local eateries and make more environmental choices.

Delicious food that makes a difference

Founder of Table Sage, Serena Weaver, says the site aims to make improvements for stakeholders all along the food chain, by looking forward and making things better for everyone. The future of eating out has changed, as chefs and owners grow tired of constant competition and public ratings, while the public demands more transparent and more inclusive practices from restaurants. 

To further help consumers find the perfect guilt-free eatery, the platform plans to launch Table Sage Rate, a double-validated platform that reviews restaurants based on five key factors: experience, cuisine, story, sustainability and diversity. Table Sage Plate, a value-added meal subscription service, is also on the way. 

Get involved in the movement towards conscious dining

How can you get involved in this movement towards Conscious Dining? Bookmark Table Sage Locate, sign-up to receive news on the Table Sage website, and follow along on social media, including Instagram @tablesagedining, today.



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