A mouthful of the Netherlands

A mouthful of the Netherlands

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What comes to mind when you think of Dutch cuisine? Perhaps wonderful Gouda cheese or maybe something sweeter, like those light and fluffy pancakes? No matter your preference, there is so much to taste when you arrive. Crown Relocations picked just a few of their favourites to help you start your food journey in the Netherlands!

Gouda cheese

Gouda is the cheese of the Netherlands and is one of the most popular cheeses in the world. It can be eaten in many ways; we recommend you visit the Gouda Cheese House where you can sample a variety of different delicious Dutch cheeses.


The stroopwafel is one of the most famous confectionery items in the Netherlands, and it’s taking over the world! It is a waffle made from baked batter and sliced horizontally. Two thin layers of the waffle are then filled with a special sweet and sticky syrup. A perfect dessert and snack! This treat originates from the Gouda region but can be found all across the Netherlands, so there is nothing stopping you from going out and trying different varieties.


This snack is made from a thickened stew and generously loaded with meat. It is breaded then fried to golden brown perfection, served piping hot. The meat used inside these delicious treats is beef combined with a variety of spices and vegetables, usually served with a side of mustard for dipping. This dish can be found all over the Netherlands, mainly in bars where it can be enjoyed as a snack to be shared with friends and family. We recommend that you try De Ballenbar located in De Hallen Amsterdam. There are plenty of food vendors in this area, full of wonderful foods for you to experience.


Kibbeling consists of battered and fried pieces of fish, usually cod, served with a tartar sauce. Similar to the British dish of fish and chips, Kibbeling is very tasty and the smaller chunks of fish make it is easy to consume on the go! This is a very popular dish in the Netherlands and definitely a must-try. You can find it in most markets and restaurant venues. Eterij de Kibbeling in Westkapelle is a pleasantly decorated shop on the corner of the market in Westkapelle, here you can buy the tastiest Kibbeling!


Moving onto the sweeter side of things: poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes). These are small, very fluffy pancakes baked from yeast and flour; known for their light spongy texture. Poffertjes are generally served with powdered sugar and butter, but you can add whatever toppings you like! However, if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there is a savoury version of this dish which is served with gouda cheese. A two-minute walk from the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, you will find Poffertjes Albert Cuyp where you can choose from various toppings.

We hope you discovered some new and tasty dishes to enjoy! Let us know what you think of the snacks we suggested and tell us about any delicious foods we missed.

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