The most expensive Dutch cities for al fresco drinking

The common perception that Amsterdam is the most expensive city in the Netherlands for everything has been overturned by new research.

The annual Van Spronsen and Partners review on prices for drinks on terraces reveals that the capital is in fact now only the fifth most expensive place to buy a round.

The study examined the cost of buying two beers, two soft drinks, two glasses of rosé and two coffees (a round) in 21 cities across the Netherlands.

They found that it will cost you the most to drink in The Hague, where those eight drinks will set you back 21,70 euros.

Only slightly less, but all above 21 euros, are rounds in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch), followed by Amsterdam.

Going up, going down

Rotterdam had the largest increase in prices, with 8,3 per cent, while Eindhoven was the one city where prices decreased, if only by a tiny 0,3 per cent.

The biggest change is in Amsterdam, which since the start of the survey has consistently been the most expensive, but where now prices have only increased by 0,7 per cent, allowing the other cities to overtake it.

The cheapest Dutch cities

Nijmegen is still the cheapest for a round of drinks, where the average cost is 2,70 euros less than in The Hague. This is especially true for those drinking rosé, who will only have to pay 3,08 a glass.

Beer, on the other hand, is cheapest in Arnhem, at 2,18 euros a glass.

And as for the designated driver, your best bet is to head to Breda or Eindhoven, where a coffee is only 2 euros.

How far can your money go?

The survey also examines terrace purchasing power, determined by comparing prices with the residents’ average disposable income.That’s good news if you live in Amersfoort, where people (if they are incredibly generous) can order an average of 20 rounds per week.

If, unfortunately, you live in Enschede, you may only be able to stretch to about 16 rounds a week. The average across the Netherlands is 19,1 that has decreased from last year’s 19,6.

Top 10 most expensive cities in the Netherlands for terraces

2013 Ranking 2012 Ranking City
1 2 The Hague
2 9 Rotterdam
3 3 Haarlem
4 4 's Hertogenbosch
5 1 Amsterdam
6 8 Enschede
7 7 Tilburg
8 5 Leiden
9 6 Groningen
10 10 Amersfoort
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