[Mini-docu] The melody of the Grote Kerk in The Hague

[Mini-docu] The melody of the Grote Kerk in The Hague

Ever wondered who it is that fills the city with beautiful melodies from within the Grote Kerk? Or how that is done? This mini-documentary by tasfilms shines a light on the Grote Kerk’s carillon and its carillonneur, responsible for the music that brightens up residents and visitors days alike in The Hague.

Not only is the Grote Kerk the epicentre of the melodies which flood The Hague, it is also the venue of the IamExpat Fair; the leading expat fair in the Netherlands, with everything you need under one roof! Make sure you get your tickets, as it is taking place this Saturday, November 10!



Mina Solanki

British girl living in the Netherlands, enjoying the sun *coughs*, I mean rain, and filling her time with adventures.

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