Meet your new best friends with the Party of 4 app

Meet your new best friends with the Party of 4 app


If you're an expat couple in the Netherlands, finding friends is about to get a whole lot easier!

An app to meet other cool couples

Party of 4 is a new app available in the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store that solves the problem many couples face as they go through different phases of their lives: making friends. Everyone has childhood friends and friends from university. But as we go through different major life events, the people we want to hang out with change. When you move to a new city, have your first child, etc.

And, if you're an expat, you really know how difficult it is making friends (and keeping them!) can be. How many of you have said goodbye to that perfect expat friend couple that moved back to their home country? 

Meet your future best friends Party of 4 friendship app for meeting couples

Corona has really put our social lives at a standstill. How do you meet new people? How do we kickstart our social game? Sure you can ask the cool-looking couple in front of you at Albert Heijn for their phone number, but that may be a tad awkward! Or get the phone number of the parents across the playground, because they look normal.

It shouldn’t have to be so hard! Party of 4 allows you to meet couples that live near you who have similar interests. Your future best friends may live around the block! 

Introducing Party of 4

Megan Valverde, founder of Party of 4 is an expat mother of three young kids. She moved to Amsterdam with her family in 2018 for her husband's job. She felt firsthand how difficult it was to make friends as an expat. There are apps to find love, to find a babysitter, to find a meetup, but none prioritise couples.

When you're in a relationship, it's nice to have other couples where you enjoy the company of BOTH people. This is exceedingly hard to achieve when we usually make friends 1-on-1 and the partners get "dragged along" into a double date. How often do all four hit it off? Not often enough.

Party of 4 is the first couples-only app for finding other cool couples in your area. Find couples that are near you, in the same phase of life, and into the same activities / interests. It’s for finding platonic friendship only and that is strictly enforced (there are other apps for swingers!).

How it works

Make a joint profile on the app for you and your partner. Party of 4 allows you to set a radius and filter for couples with or without kids. Then start swiping! Swipe to the right on couples you want to connect with. If they also swipe to the right on you and your partner, then you will be connected to chat with each other in the app. 

Sounds awesome! 

Download the app in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store. After making a profile, head to and sign up for the virtual launch before April 15. If you live in the Netherlands, Party of 4 will send you a free bottle of wine to celebrate virtually! Because who doesn’t like free wine?! So get on the app and get ready to meet your new best friends! 



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