Marton-E bike: if you love to ride (but hate to pedal)

For anyone who loves their bike but has felt their shoulders droop at the thought of riding home after a long day working (or long night partying!), the Marton-E bike might provide the perfect solution.

It’s an electric bike that can also be ridden manually, using a three-gear system, or through a hybrid combination of pedalling and battery-operated power.

The designer, Brazilian-born New York-based Lorenzo Martone, describes it as a sustainable transportation solution for city bikers without the use of oil or petrol.

Battery-powered riding

The battery is researchable and removable; resembling a thermos, it attaches to the centre of the bike with a lock and can be taken off the bike and stowed in a backpack for security.

It provides four consecutive hours of use, which means up to 25 km for the woman’s model and up to 40 for the men’s version. Just plug it into the wall and it will recharge in three hours.

The electric sensor on the handlebar offers five speeds and the bike can reach a maximum of 25 kmph. Also, at less than 20 kg, the Marton-E weighs less than most other electric bikes.

Not your grandmother’s bike

The best part is it doesn’t look anything like the electric bicycles ridden by more elderly citizens: this one comes in monochrome bright red or black - even the tyres and seats are the one colour!

Marton-E electric bike

The men’s model is 48 cm and women’s slightly smaller at 46 cm. Both styles have a rear rack, while the woman’s model will also have a specially designed basket that can carry up to nine kilos.

Kickstarter campaign

The Marton-E’s Kickstarter project has several weeks left to run, so if you like the idea of arriving at work sweat-free and working one up on the way home, check out the campaign.

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