Many Dutch municipalities offer residents free road salt

Many Dutch municipalities offer residents free road salt

In preparation for the impending winter, Dutch municipalities are preparing themselves for slippery road conditions. Several of them, including The Hague, Leiden, Amsterdam, Gouda, Amstelveen, and Zoetermeer are offering residents free road salt to spread in front of their homes or offices.

While Dutch municipalities take responsibility for salting and / or plowing major roadways and bicycle paths, it is typical for residents to be expected to clear the area in front of their houses themselves. The amount of salt an individual can take for free is usually capped at a reasonable level (e.g. 10 kg if you live in Amsterdam Oost).

If you aren’t sure if your municipality is offering free road salt or not, or need to figure out where you can pick some up, try searching for "gratis strooizout" and the name of your municipality.

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