King’s Day in Maastricht cancelled because of coronavirus

King’s Day in Maastricht cancelled because of coronavirus

Events are being cancelled left, right and centre. And now the municipality of Maastricht, together with the province of Limburg has decided to cancel the King’s Day celebrations planned for April 27 in the city of Maastricht. The reason? The measures currently in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

No more King’s Day in Maastricht

Whilst the government measures are currently only in place until April 6, three weeks before King’s Day, the impact they have on the preparation of the special day is just too great to let the event go ahead. The municipality of Maastricht’s invitation to the Royal Family remains open for them to celebrate King’s Day at a later date in South Limburg. Whether or not King’s Day will be cancelled in the rest of the country or not is not yet known. 

King’s Day is hardly ever cancelled. Back in 2001, the then Queen’s Day was cancelled due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease and in 2013 there was no celebration due to the changeover of the throne. 

King’s Games cancelled

On April 17, the King’s Games were supposed to be held across the country - a kind of sports day for primary schools. This event has also been cancelled. Usually, it would involve a communal breakfast and a day of sporty activities. This year’s theme was “Hand in Hand”.   

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