Join a dynamic group of art lovers with Young Collectors Circle

Join a dynamic group of art lovers with Young Collectors Circle


Young Collectors Circle is saving the art world, one artwork at a time, by bringing together a new generation of art collectors! After all, art is uncomplicated and collecting isn't just for the fortunate few.  

Join a dynamic group of art lovers

Would you like to immerse yourself in the Dutch and Belgian art scene, with the added plus of meeting new people? Join Young Collectors Circle and explore the art world like an insider!

For just 10 euros per month, you get a chance to take part in exciting offline and online activities behind the scenes of the art world, while expanding your network at the same time. There’s no need for you to collect art in order to come aboard - joining the events is as easy as pushing a button. 

Everyone who loves art is welcome

Young Collectors Circle inspires a new generation of art collectors, based on the notion that art is not complicated and collecting is not just for the happy few. The only requirement is curiosity: everyone who loves art is welcome, no matter their age, location, budget or background.

It’s a non-profit community-based platform, dedicated to supporting the art sector in a passionate and sustainable way. And nowadays, their mission to "save the art world, one artwork at a time" is more important than ever.

Intro into art collecting

With Young Collectors Circle, you gain access to doors that usually remain closed. This includes visits to artist studios, museums, galleries, private art collections, auction houses and art academies. In dedicated masterclasses for all entry levels, you get a chance to learn more about specific subjects like photography, street art and art in the public space and in their salons, specialists from the field share their knowledge.

In the past few years, Young Collectors Circle has also organised meetups worldwide, including visits to art fairs such as Frieze London & New York, Art Basel & Art Basel Miami Beach, Expo Chicago, and FIAC Paris Art. Curious? Join the free introductory course Intro into Art Collecting on May 20 or dive into the Amsterdam art scene with gallery tours and an exclusive visit to the Rijksakademie during the Amsterdam Art Week.

Testimonials by Young Collectors Circle members

The Young Collectors Circle members are very excited about their membership:

  • Pedro Magalhães: "I became a member of Young Collectors Circle because I have been fascinated by art for a while. But I didn’t know where to start: I needed some guidance." 
  • Sophie Schade: “I would describe the community as very diverse, varying from younger to older people, from emerging to avid art collectors. And people who didn’t come into contact with art when they were younger, who are very much looking for that connection with other people right now.” 

Gift a membership

Did you know that you can also gift a membership and join the circle with a friend? These gift memberships automatically end after one year.

Become a member of Young Collectors Circle

Gain an insight into collecting art, meet other young art enthusiasts and attend fascinating events when you become a member of Young Collectors Circle.

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