High possibility of seeing rare night clouds phenomenon in the Netherlands

High possibility of seeing rare night clouds phenomenon in the Netherlands

According to Weeronline, there is a possibility of seeing night clouds or noctilucent clouds, as they are called, as the weather conditions in the Netherlands become more favourable towards the end of the week.

Night clouds in the Netherlands

Night clouds occur when tiny ice crystals form on particulate matter at a great height. These clouds are the highest in the Earth’s atmosphere at around 85 kilometres high. Even passenger planes can’t fly that high, and only reach about 12 kilometres.

Noctilucent clouds appear to produce light, however, this light is actually sunlight that is reflected to the earth’s surface. The clouds can only be seen after the sun goes down, and then, if conditions are right, they are visible for about 1,5 hours.

You can recognise the clouds by their silvery-blue colour and their thin streaky form. Whether or not we will be able to see them depends on whether it is a clear night or not.

Spot the night clouds

According to Weeronline, the possibility of clear skies will improve after Thursday 14, June. During the evening of Friday 15, June, there is a great chance that those in the southwest of the Netherlands will be able to see the night clouds.

In the evening, the clouds should be visible if you look to the northwestern sky. The clouds may also be visible on the northeast horizon just before sunrise, but as it is already light outside around 5:30am, you would have to be up very early to spot them.

Towards the end of this week and during the weekend, conditions will be more favourable if you want to catch a glimpse of these special clouds, which are usually seen between May and the start of August. Here is what you should look out for (please note that this video features Denmark, but that the clouds are the same kind): 

Video source: Adrien Mauduit

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