Green film making competition

The Green Film Making Competition challenges upcoming filmmakers to produce a short film as sustainably as possible.

The goal of the competition is to make the Dutch film industry greener, discover the efficient production ways of the future, share knowledge and bring together film makers and sustainable innovators.

› The winner of the competition will receive 20.000 euros and the honourable title "Green Film Maker of the Year!"
 The second place finalist will receive a non-cash prize provided by competition partner, Canon.

Competition Rules
- The length of all competition films must be 10 minutes.
- No entrance fees for the competition and no formal eligibility requirements - producers, production houses and directors can apply.
- The competition is aimed at upcoming film makers and production houses, meaning that you may have already made or been involved in making short films and perhaps a feature film.
- The aim of the competition is best met when you apply as a director-producer team.

 Judging criteria
Competing film makers will be judged according to specific sustainability, creativity and business criteria:
- How sustainably was the film produced?
- How innovative were your sustainability ideas?
- Is the film original and well executed ?
- How good is the business plan to raise finance and distribute the film?

 Directed and edited by Nikos Stamboulopoulos
 Original soundtrack composed by Nikos Kandarakis

 Application Round One | July 15, 2011
Entrants have until 15 July 2011 to email their CV and a short description of their film idea and production plan (maximum two pages) to greenfilmmaking[at]strawberryearth[dot]com.

 Application Round Two | October 15, 2011
Entrants have until 15 October 2011 to email a complete production / business plan (maximum 15 pages) to greenfilmmaking[at]strawberryearth[dot]com.

 Final Round | May 15, 2012
The six finalists have until 15 May 2012 to send their final film.

 Final of the Green Film Making Competition | June 1, 2012
The jury will select the overall winner and second place finalist.

Learn more about the Green Film Making Competition.



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