Frascati Foreign Friends 2013-2014 Theatre Season

Frascati Foreign Friends 2013-2014 Theatre Season

Frascati Foreign Friends 2013-2014 Theatre Season

Are you an international resident interested in exploring more of Amsterdam’s cultural side? The Frascati Theatre has created a social club for internationals to enjoy performances with other live theatre enthusiasts! 

Frascati is Amsterdam’s "Off-Broadway" theatre venue with an alternative selection of avant-garde, original performances.

Frascati Foreign Friends

In 2012, Amsterdam’s Frascati Theatre unveiled their exciting Frascati Foreign Friends (FFF) club, featuring a special agenda for internationals. This expat friendly programme will continue once again for the 2013-2014 theatre season!

In addition to the theatre performances, Frascati Foreign Friends will also include fun "meet & greets" catered to the international crowd. Ticket holders can enjoy a welcome drink and socialise with other internationals at the cosy Frascati Cafe. 

Upcoming performances 

 November 27-30, 9pm | "She Was A Visitor" | Truus Bronkhorst, Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens
- Three dancers of different ages and backgrounds come together to create a stimulating dance performance. 

 December 17-18, 9pm | "The Fifteen Project" | Quintet (Ano Schuitemaker) 
- Dancers give an intimate presentation inspired by the "mirror neuron" phenomena. 

January 24-25, 2014 | "The Pixelated Revolution" | Rabih Mroué
- This performance explores the use of mobile telephones and images during Syria's recent uprisings. 

Still from "She Was A Visitor" photo by Leo van Velzen

Still from "Fifteen Project"

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