Dutch whizz kid creates device to clear plastic from rivers

Dutch whizz kid creates device to clear plastic from rivers

You can probably guess who we are talking about, none other than Dutch eco-entrepreneur Boyan Slat! You’ll have heard about him in connection with the Ocean Cleanup project which is tackling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but now he is back with something new.

Tackling the global plastic problem

Boyan Slat and his team at Ocean Cleanup have made a major step towards tackling the global plastic problem. This weekend, the Interceptor was unveiled in Rotterdam. The device has been in development for four years and is said to be able to remove 50.000 kilos of waste a day.

So, does this device have a name? Yes, it’s called the Interceptor and the vessel has a conveyor belt which picks up plastic. The plastic travels via this belt into the dumpsters in the machine. Once full, the operator receives a signal to come and empty it. The device is specifically for rivers, collecting plastic before it gets to the ocean.

Ocean Cleanup technology in use

Two Interceptors are already in use in the capital cities of Indonesia and Malaysia, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Ocean Cleanup aims to place machines in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and California, America soon.

Earlier this month, the organisation announced that the latest version of the plastic catcher in the Pacific Ocean is working. This is great news, as previous prototypes were not so successful. The goal of the Ocean Cleanup? To reduce floating ocean plastic by 90 percent by 2040.

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