Dutch police looking to use eagles to catch drones

Now that drones are becoming increasingly affordable and commonplace, law enforcement has to find new ways for controlling and protecting the skies. There are high-tech solutions such as police drones that could fire a net to catch drones that pose a threat.

But what about a more tried and true method? Trained birds of prey have been used by humans for centuries to hunt. With their sharp eyesight they can spot small prey from high up in the sky, they’re fast and incredibly agile, they have powerful talons and they are born to hunt.

A Dutch company is currently training eagles to catch drones mid-air, as one of the future methods for Dutch police to combat drones without a permit. They’re still in the testing phase, but as you can see below the birds are really good at it. If you're worried about the birds' safety, the company has more than 25 years of experience in training birds.

Thomas Lundberg


Thomas Lundberg

Born as a Swede in the Netherlands, this life-long expat has spent his time in Belgium, the United States and Amsterdam. He began his professional career as a regional news...

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