Dutch police arrest naughty shoplifting bird

Dutch police arrest naughty shoplifting bird

Yes, you heard that right, and the bird has now become an internet sensation.

Dutch police arrest bird and owner

Last week, the bird in question’s owner was arrested for shoplifting. “During the arrest, we found a sneaky witness with feathers and a beak on the shoulder of the suspect,” the police said in an Instagram post. When the two got to the station, there was no birdcage on hand, so both were placed in a cell.

The police obviously had a lot of fun with the arrest of the bird, stating that, “The bird has not been questioned and is, as far as we know, not guilty of any charges ??‍♂️”. The photo was picked up by media and is now an internet hit.

Mina Solanki


Mina Solanki

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