Dutch government to promote self-driving cars

Dutch government to promote self-driving cars

The Dutch government has launched a programme to support the use of automatic cars.

The launch

The Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) was launched by TU Delft, in collaboration with RDW, Connekt and TNO.

DAVI is focused on continuous development of automatic cars, with the long-term aim of enabling everyone in the Netherlands to operate a self-driving vehicle.

After launching the initiative at the RAI on November 12, Minister Schultz van Haegen stepped right into a DAVI vehicle and drove onto the A10!

Schultz is a big supporter of this scheme, noting that, "this is particularly beneficial in a densely populated country with a crowded road network. Owing to our intricately structured road network and the presence of considerable technological know-how, the Netherlands is the ideal laboratory in which to test these types of cars."

About self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are rapidly becoming a viable option for the transport industry. Their advanced technology means that only a short distance needs to be maintained between vehicles - making them more space-efficient than ordinary cars.

Schultz also maintains that automatic cars will lead to an increase in road safety. This is because DAVI supports a "cooperative system," wherein cars can "communicate" with one another while driving.

Schultz hopes that projects such as this will make better use of existing Dutch transport infrastructure. Her ultimate aim is to make transport throughout the Netherlands faster and more efficient.

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