Delft startup says hyperloop trains will run in Europe by 2030

Delft startup says hyperloop trains will run in Europe by 2030

Hardt Hyperloop expects members of the public shouldn’t have to wait too long before they’ll be able to board a hyperloop train, as they believe a commercial service will operate in Europe by 2030. 

Is hyperloop the future of travel?

Hyperloop is a transportation system where capsules travel through a vacuum tunnel, reaching speeds of up to 1.000 kilometres per hour. The brains behind the tech believe it could become a viable alternative for transporting goods and people between countries. 

Having a hyperloop track in the Netherlands would make it possible to travel between Amsterdam and Eindhoven in 15 minutes, Amsterdam and Frankfurt in 50 minutes,  Amsterdam to Berlin in 55 minutes and Amsterdam to Bern in 58 minutes! In addition to being exceptionally fast, hyperloop should also offer a cheaper travel alternative to high-speed trains.

Dutch startup hopes the Netherlands can lead Europe into the future

While it might all sound a little bit Back to the Future, Hardt Hyperloop - a startup based in Delft - believes that this dream isn’t all that far from becoming reality. The company is currently working on Hyperloop test tracks in Groningen and Veendam, and hopes to have completed all necessary safety checks by 2027. 

If Hardt meets this target, it should mean that the first commercial hyperloop service would be operational by 2030. While it’s yet to be determined where this track would be constructed, the company’s co-founder Mars Geuze told ANP that he hoped the Netherlands could become a pioneer in this industry: “If you want to build a dyke, you call the Dutch. It would be great if that also applies to hyperloop."

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