CydeKick: A power-producing bike accessory

CydeKick: A power-producing bike accessory

As bicycle accessories go, this is a pretty handy addition - CydeKick allows you to charge your smartphone (or any USB-compatible device) and bike lights by generating power from your wheel rotations.

Miami-based tech start-up Spinetics designed this add-on solution to encourage people to choose bikes over cars, offering cyclists the ability to generate, store and deliver power to charge their smart devices and lights on-the-go.

Spinetics have produced the CydeKick Pro and the CydeKick Mini which can both be installed at home. The latter allows you to generate continuous power for your lights only by using a self-powered generator system and a high-intensity LED headlight (which is provided). The CydeKick Pro goes a step further by offering a USB output to charge your mobile device.

Friction-free power

The CydeKick is a magnetic power generator which is attached to a headlamp and a handlebar-mounted USB charger. It mounts on the rear wheel hub, and uses spinning magnets to generate power.

Unlike dynamos, which rub the edge of the tyre, the CydeKick adds no mechanical friction whilst powering your bike lights. Although you might experience some drag, it is considered to have a negligible effect on your speed.

In terms of the exact power it can generate, at the moment Spinetics can only speculate as they want to collect sufficient tested data before they annouce official figures - their goal is to provide a minimum of half an Amp at five Volts (for those more techy cyclists out there!).

Keeping charged in the wilderness

Being able to stay charged and connected whilst cycling is quite a valuable advantage for cyclists. Using GPS can drain your battery and taking pictures or videos on your travels can also be quite power consuming.

It’s not hard to imagine why CydeKick could be a great companion for those longer cycle trips, where you can generate and store more power, especially in remote destinations. With CydeKick you probably won’t have to worry about your charge… but if you run out of mobile data that’s a whole other matter!

Spinetics Kickstarter Campaign

Having launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month, Spinetics aim to raise a minimum of 85.000 dollars to evolve the project.

In addition, three percent of all the profits made will be donated to the University of South Florida Metabolic Therapy and Cancer Research as the founders are strong supporters of cancer research.

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