Cyclists behaving badly in Amsterdam

When you first move to Amsterdam, getting a bike is probably at the top of your list and, even more importantly, learning to cycle like a native Dutchie.

To avoid being considered a tourist (and hence aggressively belled or shouted to the side) you’re likely to pick up a few tips from Amsterdammers: you'll get the hang of cycling through red lights and pedestrian crossings, don’t worry about cycling without lights or after a few beers and calling or messaging on your phone whilst riding is completely natural. These are all habits expat Lucas Brailsford explores in this lively animation.

"Cyclists so routinely break rules with little regard for injury or fine that many would consider Amsterdam as the wild west of cycling," says Brailsford. He wonders if infrastructure, policy and law enforcement really affect the way people cycle around the city, and asks the question: is non-conformity amongst cyclists in the Netherlands such a bad thing?

Parvinder Marwaha


Parvinder Marwaha

British-born editor Parvinder studied architecture in the UK. Amsterdam’s architecture and design scene led her to the city, as well the obvious perks of canal-side living. She writes for various...

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