Cyclists without lights are a danger on the road

Cyclists without lights are a danger on the road

Accidents due to a lack of bicycle lights present a real danger in daily traffic, and now that the days are getting darker this cycling hazard is becoming even more relevant.

Cycling without lights

Forty percent of young people often cycle without lights, and this practice is more dangerous than they may think.

New research in The Hague shows that over a quarter of young car drivers have had a near or full-on collision with a person who was cycling in the dark without lights.

The importance of illumination

This year the ANWB and several other traffic organisations will be working together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to raise awareness regarding the importance of cycling with illumination.

While driving a car without a light is generally not tolerated, an unilluminated cyclist too often isn’t reprimanded or reminded of the unsafe situation they are creating.

Especially in areas with fewer street lights, a cyclist can be virtually invisible to a car turning a corner or exiting a street.

Kinds of bicycle lights

There are various kinds of bicycle lights. On the bicycle itself one can either have lights that are powered by a dynamo, or lights that require batteries.

Cyclists can also purchase battery-powered lights to attach to the bike or to their clothing. Problems generally occur when the available light is broken or runs out of power, and people get on their bicycles anyway. It can often take a while before a broken light is replaced.

Enhance visibility

Other measures to enhance visibility in the dark, other than using lights, include adding reflective materials to wheels and clothing.

Cycling in the Netherlands is very popular, but since so many people do it it is extra important to be careful on the road, especially during the dark winter days.

Source: Telegraaf

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