The Bicycle Wrap Skirt: for fashionable, active lifestyles

Many women find the prospect of biking in a skirt slightly nerve-wracking - or at least annoying.

Short and medium-length skirts tend to ride up or blow around as you pedal, and long ones can catch in the spokes or chain of your bike.

For American entrepreneur and designer Lara Neece, the impracticality of having to change her outfit multiple times per day - depending on whether she was at work, out with friends or on the bike - inspired her to add a versatile new piece to her already successful clothing line.  

The ultimate all-day biking skirt

Neece is the founder and creative mind behind Forest and Fin, a company with the mission to encourage people to spend time outdoors.

Her Bicycle Wrap Skirt is equipped with hidden hem fasteners to prevent it from blowing backwards, removable straps to keep it from getting caught in a bicycle, and deep pockets.

For women tired of biking with a cumbersome purse, it includes a slide-off hip pouch large enough to store a phone or small wallet. The pouches are available in leather, cork or fabric varieties.

Neece designed the skirt to have a high-waisted look, which flatters most body types.

The knee-length skirt is appropriate for office wear and modest enough for active lifestyles: Neece’s survey respondents found the skirt ideal for hiking, riding, sailing and playing with children.

Sustainable materials

The skirt is designed to be long-wearing. It is made from a blend of cotton and breathable linen. All materials in the skirt are sustainably and ethically sourced from within the United States.

The Bicycle Wrap Skirt is live on Kickstarter.

Emily McCallum


Emily McCallum

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